Re-enabled backspace to go back a page in Safari 6

When I updated Safari from version 5 to version 6 I discovered the backspace key to go back to the previous page doesn’t work any longer. I’ve always used backspace for that purpose (when not entering text into a form), so here is how it is fixed:

In short:

defaults write NSUserKeyEquivalents -dict-add Back "\U232b"

Printing multiple images per sheet in Mac OS X Lion

I have always taken the Windows way of printing multiple images and photos (on the same sheet) for granted but when I wanted to do the same from my Mac I quickly realized I didn’t know how. So, for future reference, here it is. Continue reading “Printing multiple images per sheet in Mac OS X Lion”

Open Terminal in Finder

Here’s how to add “Open in Terminal” in the context menu (right-click menu) of folders in Finder:

Go to System Preferences→Keyboard→Keyboard Shortcuts→Services and enable “New Terminal at Folder” (or “New Terminal tab at Folder”). It is also possible to add a keyboard shortcut for the command, e.g. Shift-Command-T. Adding a shortcut will disable the service from the context menu list so you might want to enable it again by checking the box.

To bring up the context menu and the possibility of selecting “New Terminal…” one must select a folder.

MacBook Air dead for the third time

Logic board removed from MacBook Air casing

My MacBook Air logic board has died again. This is the third time in four months and once again I got it back to life by baking the logic board in the oven. I upped the cooking time a bit since the second time I baked it, this time keeping it in the kitchen oven for 8:00 minutes in 188 ℃. I was out of cooling paste (for the CPUs) so a tried to scrape off as much as possible from the CPUs and put it on the bottom side of the heat-plate. After the visit to the oven and a cooling period of perhaps a quarter of an hour the computer is once again in working order.

Baking the MacBook Air, again

This is the how I brought my MacBook Air (late 2008) back to life a second time. I must admit I’m a bit disappointed since it’s only been two months since I first baked the logic board and I had hoped the previous resurrection would last six months before the computer would die on me again. It obviously didn’t, but at least it works again after second visit to the kitchen oven. Continue reading “Baking the MacBook Air, again”

How to backup favorites in Navigon 6310 (MN7.5.9)

Navigon 6310The Navigon 6310 is a personal navigation assistant, PNA, which runs the Mobile Navigator software (MN7.5.9) from Navigon on top of its Windows CE 6 operating system. One hugh flaw in the default setup is that it is not possible to backup the favorite destinations one has saved in the device as they are stored in an internal memory. This article describes how you can retrieve the and files and modify the Navigon software so the files are stored in a more accessible place instead (e.g. the internal flash drive or the memory card, both which can be accessed through USB). Continue reading “How to backup favorites in Navigon 6310 (MN7.5.9)”

Search problems in Mail (Mac OS X Lion) solved

The other day I noticed the search function in Mac OS X Mail (Lion) wasn’t turning up email I know I had somewhere in some mailbox. This was quite irritating since I knew (roughly) the contents of the email and needed to get it but I didn’t know when I had gotten it. Continue reading “Search problems in Mail (Mac OS X Lion) solved”