MacBook Air baked for the fourth time

This is starting to turn into a habit. My 2008 MacBook Air died on me again today, with an on-screen message saying I had to turn of the computer by holding down the power button and at the same time making an alarm noise (beep-beep-beep..).

I baked the logic board for the fourth time, this time with the oven at 195°C, again for 8 minutes. The oven never got back up to temperature, it settled for 185°C which is what the temperature was when I took the logic board out of the oven. I let it cool for about half an hour before assembling the MBA again. The computer is now in working order.

I’ve considered paying for a replacement board (about half the price of a new MBA) but have made a final decision not to after the newly replaced screen (got it fixed by Apple for free even though it was out of warranty and two weeks past their internal “3-year limit” for fixing early MBA screen mounts, which apparently was a known issue – thanks for the service Apple!) has gotten a crack in the plastic cover covering the screen hinges, which might be a sign that the new screen is about to come loose as well. Note to self: buy the extended warranty package for my new MBA.