Baking the MacBook Air, again

This is the how I brought my MacBook Air (late 2008) back to life a second time. I must admit I’m a bit disappointed since it’s only been two months since I first baked the logic board and I had hoped the previous resurrection would last six months before the computer would die on me again. It obviously didn’t, but at least it works again after second visit to the kitchen oven.

This time I didn’t encounter any kernel panics as I did the last time, instead the computer simply froze and had to be restarted the hard way (holding down the power button until it turns itself of). The computer still started a few times after that, but froze again after a while. Repeated restarts turned out just like the last time—a blacked out screen but with the light in the front lit. I immediately realized the logic board had failed once again.

Since repeated bakes evidently has worked for Russell Heistuman I decided to repeat the procedure once more. This being the second time of doing it, it went a lot faster this time—1 hour 15 minutes in total (including disassembly, time in the oven and reassembly). As done previously, I set the oven to approximately 190℃ and the thermometer showed 188℃ when I inserted the logic board into the oven. I decided to cook the logic board for 7:45–7:50 minutes this time (slightly longer than the first time) with hopes of a longer-lasting repair. Once the logic board had cooled down for 10 minute or so, I reassembled the MacBook Air and pressed the power on button. Once again the computer started up as it should:

(Update Jan. 12, 2012: It has now been baked for a third time with good results.)

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